Montessori Toys

Ever heard of "Montessori education"? 

Named for the creator, Maria Montessori (who was a physician and educator in the early 1900's), it's an educational approach in which children learn by self-discovery and construction, rather than being lectured at or told what to do.

Basically, a Montessori-style classroom is set up with a bunch of learning activities around the room, and students get to choose what activities they want to do. They get uninterrupted blocks of time (a couple of hours) to explore the activity and learn by working with the materials.

The children have freedom of movement around the classroom. Ideally, the classroom full of specialized educational materials, often made out of natural, aesthetic materials such as wood rather than plastic.

Montessori developed this style of education following her observations that children, especially those under the age of 6, spontaneously act for optimal development when they are at liberty to choose and act freely (within a prepared environment).

Basically, she discovered that when you give young children lots of educational options and then just let them explore for themselves, they will end up choosing their own best path for growth and learning!

At Babyhaus, we believe in the Montessori approach to education. We focus on games and toys that will allow your child to develop their young minds even before they reach kindergarten. You can set up your own version of a Montessori-style activity space in your own home with our educational games and toys!

Give your child a chance to get ahead in life by letting them discover their own strengths and interests with our unique, brain-building products!